What’s in a Blog?

When in the course of unleashing yet another blog upon a world drowning in data,  a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that the blogger declare the causes which impel him to the verbosity. Thank you, Thomas Jefferson…

I suppose the place to start would be with the name. Many of you will recognize in Write Learning a deliberate echo of Buddhism’s Eight-Fold Path, which features such tenets as Right Speech and Right Livelihood. I spent a ridiculously long time searching for a name that would span multiple passions of mine (e.g., writing, education, Zen) and wasn’t already taken. My pun on the word right, I can assure you, is meant playfully, not as a kind of dogma or orthodoxy. That said, the search for what is right (in my eyes, that which enhances well-being and reduces suffering) remains critically important and will remain on the table for future posts.

Still, why introduce another entity into the Tribble-like blogosphere? What hubris could lead me to hope I might avoid a vanity-driven waste of your time and mine? Besides, I already have a LiveJournal (started years ago, mostly neglected the past few), and Facebook is a ready enough platform for exposing my mundane and personal details to a reasonably large audience.

So again I ask, why another blog? There has to be more than simply carving out more virtual space to tell you things I think are cool. A big hint as to what that Something Else might be lies in Write Learning’s tag line: writer/educator seeks viable life of creativity and mindfulness. Yes, here we begin to strike the substance of the thing.

I want to do things. I want this blog to help me do those things.

And those things are…?

to be continued

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