What’s in a Blog? (continued)

In the previous installment of What’s in a Blog?, I closed with

A big hint…lies in Write Learning’s tag line: writer/educator seeks viable life of creativity and mindfulness. Yes, here we begin to strike the substance of the thing.

I want to do things. I want this blog to help me do those things.

Since my last post—over a month ago, already—I’ve moved 900 miles and given up a full-time job in pursuit of the vague outlines of a dream. Yet as I implied in the first What’s in a Blog?, my intention is that this new effort will not partake of the Facebook or LiveJournal sort of verbal exhibitionism. Rather, I am looking for a torch (or floodlight) to guide my stabs in the dark  as I chase down this dream.

Thus, the realm of Write Learning lies in the borderlands between the personal and the professional. Speaking of Ps—because I love alliteration and lists—I hope to bear in mind the following as I follow this path of viable, mindful creativity:

Practice. I like that in Zen, as well as in law and medicine, serious pursuit is referred to as practice. Life, really, is nonstop practice (well, up to a certain morbid point). And so this virtual platform offers an opportunity to showcase some of my writing, as well as try out new ideas with what, ideally, will be a growing and interactive audience: I see Write Learning as a way to whet and hone both my thoughts and my wordsmithing chops.

Publicity. For my creative work, and especially for my efforts as head of the Center for Advancing Sudbury Education (CASE), a key aspect of this blog will be spreading awareness. More people have to learn about the Sudbury model, and I’d like more people to know that I can write. That is, I’m looking for donors and supporters for CASE, as well as publishers for my children’s books and other writings. I would like also to find freelance writing and editing jobs through this blog.

Payment. Viability is not simply a euphemism for sustainable income: the pursuits must fit the practitioner, and an adequate, receptive audience must exist and know of the work. However, the simple fact of the matter is that, to the extent my more creative efforts don’t produce income, I will have to take time away from them to find paying work. Even a simple life costs money, and I’m tired of having to sacrifice modest comfort to pursue idealistic work.

Play. Throughout this process, I’ll strive to remember that if I’m not enjoying myself, it’s a sign I’m doing something wrong. It’s not that I expect the universe to entertain me constantly—hardly. Rather, I seek to blur the lines between work and play, to always learn and enjoy the learning, even when the lessons are difficult, unpleasant, or unwanted. You’ve heard the one about finding a job that you love so you never have to work a day in your life? Yeah, that’s the idea.

Above all, I appeal to you, dear reader, for your feedback, constructive criticism, and general support. While I am inclined toward verbosity and soul-baring, that does not mean it always feels safe and smart to put myself out there. Yet it’s past time, I think, to go all-out in making this the life of my dreams—and I suspect that this blog is a step in that direction.



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