pets peeved

This is one of my favorites—partly  because it’s a good example of my poetic sensibility, which seeks the transcendent quality in random, mundane moments. I’m not sure when I wrote this, but it was probably 2002. A few years later, it won a contest at the University of Colorado, and I got to read it and talk about my work on the university radio station.

pets peeved

last saturday,
i thought it odd
when you paused
in our spring cleaning
to trace chalk outlines
around the cats
as they lay
on the brick patio

afterwards, it looked
like a crime scene,
ghostly cat splat shapes
sketched with their names
(the ones who stayed
still long enough),
there to linger, fading,
until the next rain

and then you told me
we’d both better
get back to work
organizing the garage


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