Poetic Drafts

Without intending, I seem to have written a couple of poems this week—or rather, a couple poetically promising ideas showed up on my doorstep, and I took the first steps toward clothing them in verse. I say this not as a disclaimer*, but simply because I don’t know if they’re done or not, if I’ll tinker with them further or if they’ll slip beneath my radar.

Typically I put more time into my poems before I release them into the world, yet workshopping them here holds some appeal. Besides, I’ve told my writing students often enough that you’re never really finished with a piece of writing; you just stop working on it. (Even then, you sometimes find yourself digging into it later, occasionally much later.)


Sometimes, in the evening,
after I’ve turned off the lights
and climbed into bed,
I like to practice dying—

breathing slowly, not moving,
imagining my room a crypt,
the sheets a coffin,
the dark stillness permanent.

I think we need to practice, to get
better at making friends with death,
better at letting go,

because I know,
many don’t get the chance

(accidents, comas,
brains dying years
before bodies catch up).


blank space


It’s time
to give my cat
another lesson
standing up
making this lap


blank line

*In one of my creative writing classes, we developed a Disclaimer Ball. No metaphors here, but rather a wadded-up piece of paper hurled at anyone who prefaced the reading of their submission with comments about its sketchiness.



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2 responses to “Poetic Drafts

  1. Small Girl Big World

    I love these! The second one made me giggle.

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