Interdependent Gratitude

It strikes me, on this AVAE* concert weekend, just how poignant a lesson on interdependence is found in a musical ensemble: each person reliant on others for the co-creation of beauty; everyone assuming the responsibility of showing up, learning the music, staying focused and present. Through a blending of efforts and perspectives and experience, through a common commitment, this unspeakably wondrous thing is brought into being that otherwise could not be. Performance touches upon the very essence of sharing, within an ensemble as well as between ensemble and audience.

This thing that I require in my life — experiencing and expressing music — I cannot fully accomplish on my own, no matter how hard I try or how much I work. No, the only way is through vulnerability, through giving of ourselves, recognizing the fact of interdependence and living up to it as best we can. This is how our souls are fed, through feeding each other. Awareness of this — and appreciation of the result — takes me beyond gratitude to a place I can only describe as reverence, quietly and humbly overwhelming.

This is my faith, my practice — this way of seeing, of being, of connecting with something that encompasses so much more than my personal, small self.


*the Austin Vocal Arts Ensemble

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