How Can We Make Learning Fun?

I don’t often reblog posts—it almost feels like cheating, using others’ words instead of writing my own—but then, I don’t often find one that has me thinking, “Man, I wish I’d written this myself!” Since Malcolm McCrimmon was clearly inside my head when he wrote this, I feel no qualms giving it another online home here at Write Learning. Enjoy this investigation of the link between learning and fun, and many thanks to Malcolm for posting it.

In Search of Secrets

“How can we make learning fun?”

Does this question sound familiar? Policymakers, parents, teachers and politicians ask it constantly. How can we make learning engaging? How can we make lessons relevant to students? How can we get kids to pay attention and make an effort? It’s not like no one’s been trying to fix this problem–so why does it persist? Easy: because we’re trying to answer the wrong question. When we ask how to make learning fun, we’re begging the question: learning doesn’t need to be made fun, it already is! Instead of asking “how can we make learning fun,” what we should be asking is “why do we believe that learning can’t be its own reward?” In other words: how are we sabotaging the natural learning process, and what can we do to support it instead?

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