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Sudbury Resources

  • Sudbury Valley School pioneered this innovative model of education. Located near Boston, they’ve been on continuous operation since 1968.
  • You can hear me talk about Sudbury schooling at a 2012 presentation at Clearview Sudbury School, as well as an Internet radio interview that same year.
  • Here are a number of YouTube videos regarding the Sudbury model:
    • Focus and Intensity is an incredible glimpse into what a Sudbury education looks and sounds like, full of insights from current and former students.
    • The Judicial Committee is an integral part of life at Sudbury schools. (YouTube has videos on the Sudbury Valley and Fairhaven School JCs.) Here, students explain its function and importance. A similar approach sheds light on the chief governing body of a Sudbury school, the School Meeting.
    • Alumni are easily the best spokespersons for this model. Watch videos of alumni panels from 2008 and1993, featuring people who graduated as far back as 1972.
  • The Facebook page Sudbury Moments offers a host of quotes, images, and other testimonials taken straight from daily life at various Sudbury schools.
  • Liberating Kids has a Facebook page and a home at blogtalkradio where you can stream or download their shows promoting “True Power and Freedom for young people of all ages to define and LIVE their lives NOW.”
  • Freedom to Learn is the name of Dr. Peter Gray’s blog on the Psychology Today website. Dr. Gray explores “the roles of play and curiosity as foundations for learning” in a series of thoughtful posts dating back to 2008.
  • Finally, here a few of my favorite Sudbury-related blogs:
    • What’s behind the persistent dismissal of children’s perspectives that drives conventional schooling and even parenting? The Questing Voice, written by a longtime Sudbury staff member and parent, explores this issue.
    • As a founder and alumnus of Sudbury Jerusalem, Michael Sappir offers an important and valuable perspective in his blog, Did You Learn Anything?
    • Sudbury Valley School created their own blog in March 2013.


  • The Austin Zen Center “cultivat[es] Buddha’s wisdom and compassion in the heart of Texas,” offering a variety of programs nearly every day.
  • I first sat zazen at the Great Mountain Zen Center in Boulder County, Colorado. I particularly recommend the Readings page of their website.

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