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$15,000 and 12

Time for another check-in post, I think: mostly to clarify my own position, but also to see whether any of you have any suggestions on how to best get where I’m going.

As many of you know, about fifteen months ago I left full-time Sudbury staffing to focus on CASE, my Sudbury support nonprofit. However, even after minimizing expenses and scrounging paid work here and there, I haven’t broken even once in any month since I last worked full-time at a school. To some extent, this was part of the plan: I knew it would take time for CASE to generate even minimal income, and I’d built up perhaps two years’ worth of savings.

From the start, living mostly off savings went sharply against the grain of a lifetime’s conditioning. Now that I’m in the second year of this adventure, my lack of progress is escalating from moderately uncomfortable to deeply disconcerting. My bare-bones budget is hardly what one could reasonably consider viable, and I’m not even covering that.

Numerically speaking, I could break even on about $15,000 per year right now, and at this rate I have about twelve months until my savings will reach a point where I’ll have to start covering my expenses from current income, whether or not that includes passion-driven work, work I believe in.

The news is not all grim. Continue reading

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